Monday, 13 September 2010

IKEA Uni Run

Masters of efficient design

Hand-Me Down Desk 


Perfect for my living room in first year, it sure did me proud!
Now been handed down to Ben (Rosie's Brother)
who wants it for his bed-side table!

Luke's Rosie's Pillow 


Designer: Caroline Abild Jessen.
Such a sweeet design and perfect poofy feel I bought 2.
Good job as well because Rosie stole one!

Donna's Blanky


Mohair wool with a silky lustre = Super Soft!
For the posh student. Donna uses it as a sofa throw... I WANT IT!!! 

Luke & Joes Bowl


Designers: M Vinka/S Edholm/L Ullenius
Recommend MELLAN range.
I had it first. Joe copied. It's a pretty deep bowl.



Designer: Mia Gammelgaard
Recommend STÄM range.

Joe's Slippers


Awaiting warmth and comfort rating from Joe.

Hand Towel


And no, that isn't a typo.

Frying Pan


Lightweight, Non-stick, Aluminum, Duh.

Magazine File


Rosie Recommends:
 Carrier bag, Large.

100% Polypropylene, even the handle.
Quality design is about everything from the idea
to the carrier bag that gets the product home.

Design isn't all aesthetics.

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